Monday, April 08, 2019



She walks tall and strong
There is a swing in her hip
She smiles
Extends her hand and makes eye contact
Her grip is strong but gentle
There is a beautiful flowery perfume
Is it La vie est belle
It lingers
A clean set of teeth is revealed
She sits
Lady-like and all
We get to work
Her case is clear
She knows what she is saying
And calmy responds to my queries
Her handshakes
albeit briefly
As she notes my opinion
Ever coaxing her head
A good pair of rings on her ears
She refuses my tea
As she walks off
Watch it
Almost slid

I cannot catch my breath
He is so imposing
Quite important looking
His fingers all trimmed
His suit quite trim
Nice shoes – Italian I think
He has been working out
His grip is strong
I feel my knees knock
Why can’t the butterflies in my stomach
Rest this once
Husky voice – Wow
Am I making sense as I speak?
I feel the sweat run down my back
Can I make the impression
He seems to understand
Was that a slip of the tongue
The back of my ears sweat
My knees can’t settle
I rehearsed my speech so well
Last night
I can hardly recall what I jotted in my yellow notes
His eyes are stabbing my retina
What did he say?
I need to listen more closely
His perfume is nice
Wait my hands are shaking
As I write
Did he notice?
OK meeting is over
This looks positive
Almost slipped
Am ashamed
I won’t look back

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