Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lessons from plants

Looking after flowers and other plants has taught me a few lessons about life. 

These plants rarely choose where they grow. The Gardener decides. God plans. He has the final say - Those that decide to grow where the Gardener doesn't want them, are embarrassed by being demoted to less privileged parts of the garden or they are favoured into places of honour. 

Some are "promoted" into the house only to be demoted as and when the Gardener decides. Teaches me not to take anything for granted. Then pests come in unannounced to devour painfully crafted leaves and stems. Roots too. 

Beautiful plants suddenly crumble when the oft much loved butterfly deposits its eggs on their juicy leaves only for the larvae (read caterpillars) to devour them. While the caterpillar might be seen as such a spoil spot, in its 'next life', it is the much needed pollinating butterfly. Without which, the flower might not reproduce for future generations  Teaches you that pain is sometimes necessary that what is seen as hurtful is also a necessary process for bigger things. 

One particular plant I cherish has suffered at the hands of snails for years. Yet it continues to produce new leaves each time. It gives up not. These snails also have their own natural predators.Reminds me that God always protects his beloved. Some plants are scorched so hard by the sun during long spells of summer heat that am amazed at how they jump back to life when the rains come. They challenge me to hung in there. That weeping might last for a while but joy comes in the morning. 

There are plants which are classified as rhizomes. these seek better opportunity by sending out roots to develop into fully fledged plants at a distance from the mother plant. They teach me not to burn my bridges but to also look for better opportunities even when I think all is well. 

However, the resilience of trees and how they maintain a whole ecosystem leaves me in awe -wondering about the legacy I leave behind.