Monday, April 08, 2019


You showed us what it means to live
...and to excel.
If you were here today, 
You would be proud that we continue to live 
And to push on
We continue to strive
And survive

You would be proud that Mom is well
You would be proud that Manchester United still shines 
-albeit with some hiccups
You would be proud that your grandchildren are growing
You would be proud that we did as you asked
You are resting in the lovely hills of your beloved lands

You would be proud
We continued to study
And not settle for less
That we continue to show respect
Yes, there are some challenges
Yet, we shall overcome
The Nation ain't there yet
We have not perfected the Runyakitara
We still struggle to keep time
And while some of them might have escorted you
Your descendants continue to increase
Though our opinions might sometimes differ
Your values we continue to hold
Our love for you never ending

Dearly missed
Rest in peace
We shall certainly meet one day

April5, 2019

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