Monday, April 08, 2019

I see you Mama

I see you Mama
As you carry me
You muster energy to work
 A busy schedule you have
The sweat on your brow
Is dubbed away in a white handkerchief
Hardly have you sat down to catch your breath
When the patient next door yelps in pain
Crying out to you
For another jab of morphine

I see you Mama
Your head desires to get up
Your swollen legs refuse
'A moment please?' they beg
The patient screms again
Your hands grip the arms of the chair
My weight between your hips
Drags you down

I see you Mama
You manage to stand
Slightly dizzy
You wobble to the patient
You smile
Painfully though
'It is well Mr. Mureefu ...
'...Your drugs will be with you shortly...' 
You hold his head with you pained palm 
Assuring him
Giving him hope

I see you Mama
The sight of your white cape
And squeaky clean White nurse's uniform assures him
Inspite of the bulge in your belly - that is me
You walk around his bed
Holding its edges for support
You check his drip
A few more assuring words
Slowly you walk back to the Nurses' Office
And slump into the chair again
You look at the clock
One more hour before your shift ends

I see you Mama
Bag in hand
The old bus jingles into the City
Its old rattling chairs are not helping now
Into Mulago Hospital you walk
You climb up the staircase
You hold onto the rail for support
The birth pangs begin

I see you Mama
Your strength has dimmed
You look for it deep in the crevices of your being
Like a true daughter of Kabalega
You grip the metallic head rest of the bed
I join you in this battle of life
For life
Our life

I see you Mama
You stretch out to hold me
Close to your chest
Your hope, your love, your tears
I feel the warmth of your bosom
I cry out in confusion
I hear your voice
Always soothing

I see you Mama
You sit quietly by the hospital bed
There is a tube in my nose
The fever is ravaging my toddler body
The moonlight beams on your forehead
I can tell your form from here
Am assured you are there
I cough
You touch my cheek
Blood drips into my anaemic tiny body
 Millions of plasmodia plus plus attacked
They don't know the Amazon Warrior that you are
You won't let them win
They lose

I see you Mama
Seated in honour
Having attended the Swearing in at Mwiri
The Marriage to Clare
The birth of  the babies
And now 
My fourth graduation today
I place this funny cap on your head
It is as much my victory as it is yours
My heart melts
Words fail me
 You have given all
You have loved me
We have lived on
By God’s grace

I see you Mama
Warmth always
Strands of silver decorate your head
Your smile still strong
Your green fingers blossom
Your poise still strong
And Wise
And lovely

I see you Mama
Blessed are you among all women
And I 
The proudest son that ever lived
I love you Always


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