Friday, October 22, 2010


An african hut
Simple architecture
Powerful message

The centre pole
holding all together
directing the shape of the hut

Like the sun
planets surrounding
circling ever
ceasing never
the pole
the hut

Setting the thatch
the pole guides
tethering the goats
using the pole
center strength

The pole
strong,, smooth, hardy
sought from the deepest forest
the teenage mvule?
the pole

You are my pole
My life you support
You guide the covering on my head
my ego, my home, my all
my children play around you
Visitors see you
Marvel at your strudy nature
Envy the kiss of light
playing beautifully on your form

You are my pole
My backbone
My me
Without you i have no home
With you i am the pride of town
I can dare the strongest okwonkwo
Which mandingo challenges me now?

I have my pole
My all

What else do i need?

I Love you


October 21, 2010