Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Rotaractors’ Poem

Rotaract Club of Kampala North Musical

We are impatient
We are stubborn
We are unsettled
We are baaaaad
We are naive
Often rebellious
Quite pushy and petty
(So they say)

Visiting Interact Club of Makerere College School

Yet we are love
We love you
We want
Oh yes we want a lot
Nice care
Nice shoes
Nice clothing
Nice loooove
Nice hugs
We are shy

Retreat of Baby Rotaract Clubs of RCKN

And we need you
We need your guidance
We need your help
We need your patience
Your insight
Your wisdom
Your care
Your direction
Your mooooonnneeeyy
Oh yes

Wakanda Themed Fundraiser Dinner

For we desire to serve
We want to reach out
To serve others
To serve humanity
People, children
To change lives
Make a difference
Be inspirational

Rotaractors of Mother Club Kampala North

....and dance
And dress
and jump and be
to be
we want to be
to be Rotaractors

Rotaractors supported by the Rotary Club of Kampala North
Rotaractors' Poem Recital 26.11.2018

© Daniel R. Ruhweza, Youth Chair, Rotary Club of Kampala North RCKN 2018/19

Letter to Students Regarding Examinations

Dear All

As you wind up this Academic Year (for some, it is the end of first year of law School, while for others, it is the end of Law School),  allow me to wish you the very best in the examinations

It is true that these two or so weeks can seem scary, stressful and unpleasant. The timetables might not be favourable and you might feel unprepared.

However, allow me to encourage you to soldier on and do your best. Prepare as best as you can, have some sleep, keep rehydrated and have something to eat before you arrive.

At the Examination Venue, target to arrive early, dress smartly but also comfortably. It will help with confidence buidling. Try to keep a positive attitude and determine to do your best.

When the exam starts, try to relax before you begin. So it might be good to inhale deeply and exhale slowly a couple of times in order to still your nerves before you begin. For the believer, do not forget to pray.

Read through the whole paper -instructions included. Ensure that you understand the questions before you attempt them.

Remember do not rush through for this too shall pass. There will be lessons learnt in this time too. Do not miss them. Look out for them.

Once again, I wish you all the best in your examinations

Daniel R Ruhweza
May 13, 2019

Monday, April 08, 2019


You showed us what it means to live
...and to excel.
If you were here today, 
You would be proud that we continue to live 
And to push on
We continue to strive
And survive

You would be proud that Mom is well
You would be proud that Manchester United still shines 
-albeit with some hiccups
You would be proud that your grandchildren are growing
You would be proud that we did as you asked
You are resting in the lovely hills of your beloved lands

You would be proud
We continued to study
And not settle for less
That we continue to show respect
Yes, there are some challenges
Yet, we shall overcome
The Nation ain't there yet
We have not perfected the Runyakitara
We still struggle to keep time
And while some of them might have escorted you
Your descendants continue to increase
Though our opinions might sometimes differ
Your values we continue to hold
Our love for you never ending

Dearly missed
Rest in peace
We shall certainly meet one day

April5, 2019

I see you Mama

I see you Mama
As you carry me
You muster energy to work
 A busy schedule you have
The sweat on your brow
Is dubbed away in a white handkerchief
Hardly have you sat down to catch your breath
When the patient next door yelps in pain
Crying out to you
For another jab of morphine

I see you Mama
Your head desires to get up
Your swollen legs refuse
'A moment please?' they beg
The patient screms again
Your hands grip the arms of the chair
My weight between your hips
Drags you down

I see you Mama
You manage to stand
Slightly dizzy
You wobble to the patient
You smile
Painfully though
'It is well Mr. Mureefu ...
'...Your drugs will be with you shortly...' 
You hold his head with you pained palm 
Assuring him
Giving him hope

I see you Mama
The sight of your white cape
And squeaky clean White nurse's uniform assures him
Inspite of the bulge in your belly - that is me
You walk around his bed
Holding its edges for support
You check his drip
A few more assuring words
Slowly you walk back to the Nurses' Office
And slump into the chair again
You look at the clock
One more hour before your shift ends

I see you Mama
Bag in hand
The old bus jingles into the City
Its old rattling chairs are not helping now
Into Mulago Hospital you walk
You climb up the staircase
You hold onto the rail for support
The birth pangs begin

I see you Mama
Your strength has dimmed
You look for it deep in the crevices of your being
Like a true daughter of Kabalega
You grip the metallic head rest of the bed
I join you in this battle of life
For life
Our life

I see you Mama
You stretch out to hold me
Close to your chest
Your hope, your love, your tears
I feel the warmth of your bosom
I cry out in confusion
I hear your voice
Always soothing

I see you Mama
You sit quietly by the hospital bed
There is a tube in my nose
The fever is ravaging my toddler body
The moonlight beams on your forehead
I can tell your form from here
Am assured you are there
I cough
You touch my cheek
Blood drips into my anaemic tiny body
 Millions of plasmodia plus plus attacked
They don't know the Amazon Warrior that you are
You won't let them win
They lose

I see you Mama
Seated in honour
Having attended the Swearing in at Mwiri
The Marriage to Clare
The birth of  the babies
And now 
My fourth graduation today
I place this funny cap on your head
It is as much my victory as it is yours
My heart melts
Words fail me
 You have given all
You have loved me
We have lived on
By God’s grace

I see you Mama
Warmth always
Strands of silver decorate your head
Your smile still strong
Your green fingers blossom
Your poise still strong
And Wise
And lovely

I see you Mama
Blessed are you among all women
And I 
The proudest son that ever lived
I love you Always




She walks tall and strong
There is a swing in her hip
She smiles
Extends her hand and makes eye contact
Her grip is strong but gentle
There is a beautiful flowery perfume
Is it La vie est belle
It lingers
A clean set of teeth is revealed
She sits
Lady-like and all
We get to work
Her case is clear
She knows what she is saying
And calmy responds to my queries
Her handshakes
albeit briefly
As she notes my opinion
Ever coaxing her head
A good pair of rings on her ears
She refuses my tea
As she walks off
Watch it
Almost slid

I cannot catch my breath
He is so imposing
Quite important looking
His fingers all trimmed
His suit quite trim
Nice shoes – Italian I think
He has been working out
His grip is strong
I feel my knees knock
Why can’t the butterflies in my stomach
Rest this once
Husky voice – Wow
Am I making sense as I speak?
I feel the sweat run down my back
Can I make the impression
He seems to understand
Was that a slip of the tongue
The back of my ears sweat
My knees can’t settle
I rehearsed my speech so well
Last night
I can hardly recall what I jotted in my yellow notes
His eyes are stabbing my retina
What did he say?
I need to listen more closely
His perfume is nice
Wait my hands are shaking
As I write
Did he notice?
OK meeting is over
This looks positive
Almost slipped
Am ashamed
I won’t look back