Friday, May 31, 2019

Do your part

You leave office in a fit. You have had an argument with your supervisor. How can he be so unreasonable!! You wish you could throw in the towel. You have had enough of this gu-man! You slump in your car seat in the parking lot. There was a slight drizzle in the afternoon. A stain of white droppings by the marabou stork makes it hard to use the car wipers lest you make it worse.  You jam the key into the ignition and jolt away. Hard. You need to pick your daughter from School. 

As finally hit the highway.  Little girl is in the back seat. The pedestrians are jaywalking while the cars are ignoring the trafficking rules. You try to distract yourself by listening to the radio. You switch on the radio and listen to the 6 p.m. news. Money meant for project X has been stolen. The members of parliament have given a tax holiday to other ’investors.’ Your favourite politician has been blocked from holding a rally or peaceful demonstration. You switch rain stations. A man has just beaten up his wife to a pulp. You stop suddenly just in time before you ram into the car in front of you. It is negotiating potholes. You slow down too. The roads are strewn with used dirty polythene paper bags. The public toilets nearby send a putrid smell. It hits your nostrils like a poisoned arrow. You pull up the window. Oba how do these people live? You wonder and shake your head

The driver of car number plate U.. dash.. dash...  etc etc has just thrown out a maize cob and dusted his coat.  He drives on ahead like nothing is wrong. He leaves you seething in anger. The boda boda rider cares not about the heavily pregnant mother. He brushes past her swollen leg and leaves a scratch. She shouts an expletive at him in the local dialect. You try to turn away as though you didn’t hear it.  Your daughter asks you what that means. You pretend not to hear. However, you are stuck in traffic jam. Yes. It is the evening snail stroll home. The engine gauge on your car is orange.  Everything seems to be going astray. You are livid.

What do you do about this? Rant on facebook? Call up your girlfriend and spew your anger at her? She listens on as you talk about the day. Then she asks you an unexpected question –

So, my dear what are you going to do about it? Keep angry or plan to make a difference in spite of the mess around you? You didn’t expect that question. Slowly you think of an answer and remember the preach in Church the Sunday before

.....For the creation waits in eager expectation for the revealing of the sons of God... (Romans 8:19)

You stop and think ....


Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Rotaractors’ Poem

Rotaract Club of Kampala North Musical

We are impatient
We are stubborn
We are unsettled
We are baaaaad
We are naive
Often rebellious
Quite pushy and petty
(So they say)

Visiting Interact Club of Makerere College School

Yet we are love
We love you
We want
Oh yes we want a lot
Nice care
Nice shoes
Nice clothing
Nice loooove
Nice hugs
We are shy

Retreat of Baby Rotaract Clubs of RCKN

And we need you
We need your guidance
We need your help
We need your patience
Your insight
Your wisdom
Your care
Your direction
Your mooooonnneeeyy
Oh yes

Wakanda Themed Fundraiser Dinner

For we desire to serve
We want to reach out
To serve others
To serve humanity
People, children
To change lives
Make a difference
Be inspirational

Rotaractors of Mother Club Kampala North

....and dance
And dress
and jump and be
to be
we want to be
to be Rotaractors

Rotaractors supported by the Rotary Club of Kampala North
Rotaractors' Poem Recital 26.11.2018

© Daniel R. Ruhweza, Youth Chair, Rotary Club of Kampala North RCKN 2018/19

Letter to Students Regarding Examinations

Dear All

As you wind up this Academic Year (for some, it is the end of first year of law School, while for others, it is the end of Law School),  allow me to wish you the very best in the examinations

It is true that these two or so weeks can seem scary, stressful and unpleasant. The timetables might not be favourable and you might feel unprepared.

However, allow me to encourage you to soldier on and do your best. Prepare as best as you can, have some sleep, keep rehydrated and have something to eat before you arrive.

At the Examination Venue, target to arrive early, dress smartly but also comfortably. It will help with confidence buidling. Try to keep a positive attitude and determine to do your best.

When the exam starts, try to relax before you begin. So it might be good to inhale deeply and exhale slowly a couple of times in order to still your nerves before you begin. For the believer, do not forget to pray.

Read through the whole paper -instructions included. Ensure that you understand the questions before you attempt them.

Remember do not rush through for this too shall pass. There will be lessons learnt in this time too. Do not miss them. Look out for them.

Once again, I wish you all the best in your examinations

Daniel R Ruhweza
May 13, 2019