Sunday, March 21, 2010


Here is my comment to an article entitled "Homosexuality: Should culture be a basis for law?" Written on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 by Maya Prabhu available at

I agree that the title of the article is misleading and that the emphasis of the article is based mainly on the views of two people-

That there are huge human rights concerns about the bill is not in doubt. However it is still a Bill- However calling for its withdrawal and shelving on the grounds that Uganda has more serious problems is to put our heads in the sand and pretend. Lets be honest- lets not overlook the other issues that the bill tries to address-the human rights protagonists need to be clear headed on this. Prof. Mamdani has previously written that "the struggle for rights is a political struggle" - as such we need to allow the democratic process to flourish rather than suffocate it as i see here...Yes, if the majority is "sincerely wrong" then one needs to teach them rather than suffocate their voice. To do to the majority what one thinks the majority is doing to them - is to basically confirm what Rev Martin Luther said - Black superemacy is the same as white supremacy-

Lastly, I still think there is a place for culture, religion and tradition which should be maintained, upheld and respected. The clamour to do away with those three is to actually introduce yet another culture, tradition and religion in their stead....we should not deceive ourselves about that.

We have seen this happening in many aspects of life and we are paying the price already. I invite you all to read Prof. Mahmood Mamdani article written exactly one year ago entitled "Beware Human Rights Fundamentalism!"

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