Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grappling with the Ugandan Anti Homosexuality Bill

A friend asked a couple of us this question

If Jesus were a Ugandan Member of Parliament, do you think He would:

a. Vote for the anti homosexuality bill?
b. Support the bill?
c. Sponsor the bill? (Tabling the bill that is...

Why do you or do you not think so?

Obviously alot of debate ensued but this was my response...

Well, looking at His Record from the Bible, I can only deduce that Jesus would seek an amendment to some parts of the Bill and not support the Bill in its entirety (in its current form.)

Rather, he would only vote for those parts that criminalise aggravated homosexuality and homosexual rape Sec. 3, promotion of homosexuality,Sec. 13, aiding and abetting Sect. 7, procuring by threats Sec.9, Same sex marriage sec. 12, . He would probably seek to strike out those provisions that deal with punishing people with death or those which punish people who dont report homosexuals eg parents, pastors, friends and others who instead choose to pray and counsel them-as they would for any other sinner-thief, drunkard, liar, adulteress etc.

As for Sec. 2 which deals with those who are practicising homosexuality amongst themselves with consent, I think Jesus would instead advocate for what he told the woman caught in adultery...GO AND SIN NO MORE...Meaning that He would ackowledge that it is a sin but seek to have them sin no more rather than have them killed OR imprisoned for life after all the prisons in Uganda today have a very high rate of homosexuality(including homosexual rape). I say this because , my understanding of the Bible is to the effect that JESUS has given mankind a period of grace within which to style up-failure of which, the events after the rapture are very clear.

In the olden days, the Old Testament clearly shows that God would either have sought immediate stoning to death or swallowing of the earth for such crimes.

In conclusion, i think Jesus would sponsor a similar bill or support a bill which had some but not all the above provisions

See the Bill at

See the tabling of the Bill at


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  1. Your answers are straight from the Throne Room! May he continue to guide and use you.


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