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While carrying out some research for one of my chapters dealing with the history of Uganda, i came across this site

One posting there particularly caught my eye and it reads as follows;

So did Buganda become great at the expense of Bunyoro?

For me I am fed up with this Bunyoro gloating about the emergence and present prominence of Buganda.
Surely at the time of coming of the British, Buganda had long overtaken Bunyoro and the fact that Baganda are the dominant tribal force in Uganda today in all spheres be it social, political, economic, intellectual, sport, music and entertainment cannot just be because they at one time are adjudged to have gained at the expense of Bunyoro.
Mirima conveniently never tells anyone about the rise of Ankole, Toro or Karagwe that were all said to have been part of Bunyoro Kitara. Henry, how and when did those parts of Bunyoro Kitara break away from your Kingdom?
We should never forget that greatness cannot be stopped however much one tries to impede it.
Museveni has tried to impede Buganda, but even he knows that its next to impossible because we are every where, in all domains Uganda!
We are the brightest, most innovative, bravest, most enterprising, etc, and there is no way anyone or anything in Uganda can stop us, and this is not to say that we have any sense of chauvinism in us. Its just a fact.
The likes of Mirima just have to get used to this fact!
Rita Mbabazi

Comment by ekitibwakyabuganda on November 24, 2009 3:22 pm
Rita Mbabazi, for the first time , l have agreed with you on Buganda-Bunyoro relations as portrayed by our elder Mirima. Let Bunyoro first claim lost counties to Congo before those else where. Did Bunyoro only loose Buganda? Why not Nkore, Mpororo, Tooro, Karagwe, Kiziba, Rwanda, Burundi, Wanga, Busoga, as you have realy shown?
Ahmed Katerega

This is my response to the said posting:

Comment by Daniel on December 12, 2009 2:55 pm
Dear Rita Mbabazi

Kindly advise me on what yardsticks you have used to reach the conclusion that ” We are the brightest, most innovative, bravest, most enterprising, etc, and there is no way anyone or anything in Uganda can stop us, and this is not to say that we have any sense of chauvinism in us. Its just a fact.” There is some research goingon in some parts of the Western world about whether or not the long held view that the white caucasian is the “brightest, most innovative, bravest, most enterprising” does hold true. I would therefore appreciate your views on this

I would also like to know what you mean by the word Baganda and how does one determine who is or is not a Muganda? Is it in name or lineage? Does the fact that one has a parent who is or was not a muganda make him or her less of a muganda? Does that in anyway contribute to the “social, political, economic, intellectual, sport, music and entertainment” prowess of the Muganda? Have any advantages of location, timing, former colonisation etc been considered when coming to this conclusion? or are all these attributed to “in-born”natural occurences by merely being a Muganda?

Interestingly, if the latter be true then its worth noting that our colonial masters, the Nazis and many of those who have subjugated others in history, have equally held similar darwinian? views

A question for Mr Ahmed Kateregga, does it really matter which claim Bunyoro should lodge first for the recovery of its land-if it beleives it has such claim? Willl claiming land from any of these other places resolve the claim it has against Buganda(whether such claim is justifiable or not?) Doesnt it defeat logic for one to delay an isue rather than go around in circles? In my view, we would rather ask Bunyoro or any other nationality of ethnic group to forego any claim they might have in the interest of national unity and development. A claim and counter claim will not help us

I await your responses

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  1. I am not particularly well-read as regards the history of Bunyoro and Buganda especially the period before the advance of colonialism. But isn't it preposterous to say that the "Baganda" are "the brightest, most innovative, bravest, most enterprising" Ugandans we have? As DR Ruhweza wonders, how does one measure brilliance, brevity and enterprise of a whole ethnic group? And again, if one born of parents that migrated from Buganda to Ankole individually turns out to be enterprising, brilliant, innovative, (yet has grown and been groomed in an Kinyankole culture and ways), can we attribute the achievement to the fact that their origins are somewhere in Buganda? And where did the Baganda originate from? And what explains the many similarities between the Baganda and other Bantu ethnicities? Does that mean that the Baganda are the most polished and the rest are the chuff of the Bantu peoples? I am not convinced that we can group everyone who has a Kiganda identity into one category... certainly even within an ethnic group, individuals have their own indetity, that makes them even different from their own parents.


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