Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Prodigal Son's Brother

#The Leadership Conversation: The Prodigal Son’s brother

We have been invited to attend a party held in favour of someone called John. We have got an opportunity to interview  John's brother Peter about the party.  Alot has been written about John before. It is therefore a unique opportunity to hear about John from another perspective .....

Peter says -

I watched as my brother John in foolishness asked my father for his share of the inheritance. I watched as father foolishly gave him so much wealth.  John was the typical life of the party: He had an ''I don’t care'' attitude, he was wasteful, a playboy and basically had no clear plan for his life. Now why my father would waste all his hard earned resources on him baffles me. Well at least what was left is my share of the inheritance.

We never heard from John for a year and did not know if he had invested his money into a serious business. I stayed on and determined to work even harder to make sure I supported  father. I did all I could to help me forget the pain of my younger brother and to show Father that I was responsible enough to take care of hiim and the household. Father lost his sparkle and was often pensive. He kept mourning for John. He did not care much for work and I took on the responsibility of managing the estate. I worked so hard and encouraged my father that I was there for him.

Last week, after such a long time, John showed up at home emaciated and sickly. Father was elated and even cried. The excitement was unbelievable. He gave John his own shirts and his car. He was taken to hospital, then given a ahircut at this expensive saloon, and also set up in the guest room. Today we are throwing this party for him because my father keeps saying his son who was dead is now alive.

We asked Peter how he felt as the merry making went on ?
  • Unappreciated
  • Demotivated
  • Unvalued
Peter utters - I can’t understand why my father has gone out of his way to treat John with so much and I who has been good to him, cared for him, supported him have never even been given a goat to say thank you. 

(Luke 15)

Are there situations in our lives when we feel unfairly treated, unappreciated, unrewarded in return for goodness, kindness, obedience, fasting and doing the ''right'' things? Why is this so? 

Saturday May 17th 2014 and June 21 2014 at Worship Harvest Church, Naalya 3:00pm - 6.30pm

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