Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Who am i that you should even consider me?

Am not even worthy to say anything in your presence
Oh No - I am not -

Am astounded -
That you love and care for me
That you feel my pain and listen to me
That you even recognize my existence

Even when i have wronged you again and again

Am humbled
That you'll stop all you do
To look for me
This lost coin, this lost sheep
this rotten tomato

I dont have words to express my awe
At your Name-
In your presence -
I would burn 
Melt away like wax at a fire

I look at the rocks
Huge boulders of Grey
Smooth on the outside
but who knows how long they have stood
How much they have endured?

Yet if split in half
the naked eye cannot comprehend
the depths there is

Still you are more than the rock
More than there is to what we see
You are much More

( ( to be continued))

June 10, 2012

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