Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Battles in my heart. Battles in my soul. Tugging and pulling at my soul. Struggling in my spirit!

What happened to me? Where is the God who intervened with fire ? With blood? What?

Where? Are you O God? Can't you see I tussle?My habits pull me down, my body disappoints me. Am hit, torn, dragged , beaten against the rocks-

These hard rocks!
Against the shore by these huge waves of sin, despair and hopelessness-

Like a ship at sea,
Am pushed
am pulled-
its getting closer
closer to my doom
the tide-
higher and higher
anytime now I will be vanquished!
gone into the deep darkness

Like an Eagle-
you come to my rescue
sweeping me away
your wings beating the huge dark winds
with energy, valour

Awash! Awoosh
you sweep me away
to safety in the highest place
up, up
and away-


O God you were there
Your eagle eye always looking
minding my business-
I am your business
minding your business-


  1. I totally feel this, love it! Been there too. Thank God for His Grace, Mercy and Loving kindness.

  2. Something about your writing makes me wonmder: What on earth are you doing in the legal profession!! I love this, totally, big bro.
    Keep on that focus and you will be amazed where God can take you.

    I love you


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