Sunday, October 18, 2009

Remove British American Tobacco from Central Business District!

Remove British American Tobacco from Central Business District!

I recently visited the Uganda Management Institute along Jinja Road to help a colleague clear for the recent graduation. Whilst there, I took time to enjoy the well kept gardens of the institute as well as take in the nice cool breeze as I watched the swinging branches of the trees sway to the afternoon wind. I must confess this was a nice break away from the hustle and bustle of the city a few meters away where most of the trees have now gone in the name of development. It is hardly possible these days to get such shaded parking these days. My rather short moment was interrupted by an ugly thick whiff of tobacco smoke that engulfed my nostrils. It was coming from the British American Tobacco Company situated along Jinja Road. Immediately, my day dreaming ended and my short enjoyment of peace and tranquility was brought to an end.

It was then that I realized the inconvenience that all non smokers in UMI and those who work in areas around this tobacco company are suffering. I think if any medical tests were carried out, most of those passive smoking employees in the Ministry of Internal affairs and Celtel might display high levels of nicotine which is indisputably a high health risk proven to cause cancer and other diseases.

I think it is high time the government and especially the Ministry of Health came out strongly and organized for the relocation of the said Tobacco Company away from the central business district. The National Bureau of standards, NEMA and all right thinking Ugandans should know about this risk and the Human Rights NGO's should know that our right to health is being abused by this BAT Company.

As it is, the company remains a high risk health hazard. And while they are at it, please check the Uganda Waragi producing company which is targeting young teenagers in its adverts and thus ensuring that it destroys the lifespan of our younger generation who will die young due to alcohol.

Daniel R. Ruhweza Esq.

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  1. i was there for two years and we complained almost daily about the smell. we womdered if it had any health implications having to inhale this tobbaco filled air. They should relocate to namanve


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